Awwwe, lickle baby bat :)

A touching video of a tiny abandoned bat called Lil’ Drac. Every life is precious.
Lil’ Drac is a little short-tailed fruit bat rescued and hand-reared by Bat World Sanctuary, Weatherford, Texas in 2011. His poor mother was yet another victim of zoo closures across the US. She could not cope with the way she was treated. Kept in dreadful conditions and then the trauma of being captured and transferred to a new and unfamiliar environment at the Sanctuary caused her to be very stressed, and consequently to abandon her young, Lil Drac, just after he was born.
Luckily for the vulnerable little creature, Lil Drac was cared for by dedicated workers at the Bat Sanctuary and given the confidence he needed to fully develop without his mother.
Bat World Sanctuary offers rehabilitation and release programs and even lifelong sanctuary programs to non releasable bats. Bat population is in a rapid decline. More than half of the native bats of USA are endangered.
'The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.' ~Paul Farmer