Collector registered, businessman killed street dweller

Marcelo Pereira Aguiar, 36, is a natural entrepreneur from Santa Catarina and owner of three companies. Two of them are in ABC Paulista, where he lives in the city of Santo André. He kept at least two weapons in his house: a 12-gauge and an AR-15 carbine under the pretext of collecting items. On the night of May 11, Marcelo used a gun to kill with five shots Sebastião Lopes, recyclable waste picker and in street situation, according to the Civil Police.

Investigations show that the collector Marcelo would have fought with Sebastião hours before the crime. The waste picker was known in the region, being classified as "quiet" by residents. The greatest likelihood is that the quarrel happened at the pizzeria owned by the owner, near the place of execution.

"There is information that he and Mr. Sebastian had a prior animosity and so it happened. In fact, who will say why it happened is just Marcelo. As it happened in the images, it was very cowardly that the facts happened ", explains the delegate
Roberta Silva Aidar Franco, responsible for the investigation of the death.

The killer is considered a fugitive after being detained for 30 days. The Civil Police seized the two weapons in search of their apartment, not having found the armament used in the crime that, according to Roberta, would be short-barreled, "a 38 or 380," he explained at a press conference on Tuesday, (21/5).

Before killing Sebastião, according to the Civil Police, Marcelo was arrested for illegal possession of a weapon and ideological falsehood when he appeared as a federal police officer and searched people at a bar in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, near Santo André. The Military Police identified the two crimes. Being a collector, the entrepreneur can not walk with the armaments (which configures size), only transport them from one place of exhibition / storage to the other, according to the Bolsonaro decree.



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