GERMANY - Terror Alert Knife Attack in Hamburg while shouting Allah Akabar
-It's also stated that it is very likely the attacker was a radical islamist. 1 of the 4 other harmed victims is currently in critical state. Several other eyewitnesses hear him shouting "Allah Akbar" right before he entered the Discounter with a Knife in his Hand.

UPDATE: Seems like there is 1 dead and 4 harmed people - the Attackers has slight injuries due to the people who jumped him to wait for the police.
Different Newsplatforms already speculate about mental disability, otherwise the Attack is "unthinkable". Nothing else is reported at the moment.

Some people connect this "case" with several others some time ago to make people think about those cases.
-in 2012 an Islamist stabbed 2 policemen without a reason
-in Feb 2016 "Safia S." rammed a knife in the neck of a policewomen again without a reason
-19th of July 2016 an Islamist attacked Passengers with an Axe at the regional train. he injured 4 people until the police finally shot him.

UPDATE: The perpetrator got overwhelmed by passersby, so the incoming police could arrest him.

A Men randomly attacked people in the afternoon at 3:11pm (GMT+1) in Hamburg Barmbeck, Germany.

Germanys Police spokeswomen Heike Uhde said "The man has suddenly struck out on customers, while there was one person found dead and severals are injured"

At the moment it's unknown how bad the injuries are.

Eyewitnesses stated the man shouted "Allahu Akabar" and started the attack.

The Police sent out Anti-Terror-Units to the Discounter Edeka at the Fuhlsb├╝ttler Strasse where the attack took place, after 30minutes they where able to arrest him. He is currently at the policestation for further investigations.

Rescuehelicopters are currently at the Area to transport harmed people to the hospitals.

The police stated via Twitter it's very unlikely this action was about robbery.

The perpetrator smeared with Sack over his head.


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Location: Hamburg, Germany