Erdogan wants the ottoman empire back!

Published in the Turkish President Erdogan said he will go to Afrin himself if needed

Translated text :
President erdogan sad that at the operation olive branch in Afrin they have said trained profesional personel and requested the reserves to be ready.

By talking to AKP conference at Kahramanmarans (whatever) he said that Turkey is on arms (according to islam is the resurection of the dead) and he quote :
We have not born at 780.000 sqft , we fall from 18mil sqft to 780.000 sql feet .Where we were and were we are now

While he was interupted by a cheerfull audience he said. if required i will go first to Afrin

He said that now we are sending our trained profesionals but we require our reserves to be ready
Its not necesary now but if we decide we will all go.


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