A List of the Notable Brothers from the Zeta Beta Tau aka ZBT Fraternity that spit and threw trash on Wounded American Veterans.

We all know from ZBT's website that it's an exclusively
jewish Fraternity.

Here is the opening statement from their webpage zbt.org

Welcome to Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT).
Founded in 1898 as the world's www.zbt.org/who-we-are/the-founding.html,
ZBT prides itself on being an inclusive organization welcoming of any college
man who understands and appreciates www.zbt.org/who-we-are/our-mission.html.

With more than 140,000 initiated jewish men ZBT's
can be found in all aspects of life: business, entertainment, media,
politics, and much more. In 1989, ZBT became the first fraternity to abolish pledging
from its organization and, in its place, created a jewish brotherhood
program that focuses on equal rights,jew privileges, and responsibilities
for all members.

Welcome to our Journey. We invite you to explore everything that makes ZBT a
"Powerhouse of Excellence."

Here is a list of all the great jewish brothers of ZBT-
It reads like a Master Race of jew power in the USA.

Walter Annenberg (Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, University of Pennsylvania, '28)
Founder/Publisher, TV Guide; Formeer Ambassador to Great Britain

Armand "Army" Archerd (Alpha Rho Chapter, University of California - Los Angeles ’41)
Daily Variety - Columnist

Burton Baskin (Rho Chapter, University of Illinois '38)
Founder-Baskin Robbins

Jack Benny (Alpha Rho Chapter, University of California - Los Angeles)
Televison & Radio Comedian

David C. Benson (Alpha Rho Chapter, UCLA '81)
Fannie Mae, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Leonard Bernstein (Alpha Zeta Chapter, Harvard University)
Composer (West Side Story); Conductor New York Philharmonic)

Henry W. Bloch (Phi Chapter, University of Michigan ’45)
H&R Block - Co-founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board

Rudy Boschwitz (Rho Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, Johns Hopkins University '51)
Former United States Senator (D-MN)

Tal Brody (Rho Chapter, University of Illinois '65)
American-Israeli former basketball player, and current Goodwill Ambassador of Israel

Jeffrey H. Brotman (Alpha Mu Chapter, University of Washington - Seattle ’65)
Costco Wholesale - Chairman of the Board

Jerome Bruckheimer (Alpha Omicron Chapter, University of Arizona ’65)
Jerry Bruckheimer Films - Producer, Actor

Jerome A. Chazen (Alpha Kappa Chapter, University of Wisconsin ’47)
Liz Claiborne, Inc. - Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Alan H. Cohen (Beta Gamma Chapter, Indiana University '69)
The Finish Line (NASDAQ: FINL) co-Founder and former Chairman and CEO

Stephen I. (Steve) Cohen (Alpha Gamma Chapter, Vanderbilt University '71)
Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (D-TN)

Stephen (Steve) L. Cooley (Gamma Nu Chapter, Cal State-Los Angeles '70)
District Attorney, Los Angeles County

William R. Davidson (Phi Chapter, University of Michigan ’45)
Detroit Pistons - Managing Partner

Jay Dermer (Beta Gamma Chapter, Indiana University '51)
Former Mayor, City of Miami Beach (Florida)

Ron Dermer (Theta Chapter, University of Pennsylvania) '93
Israeli Ambassador to the United States (2013-present)

Kenneth M. Duberstein (Alpha Tau Chapter, Franklin & Marshall College ’65)
Former Chief of Staff, President Ronald Reagan

Stuart E. Eizenstat (Alpha Pi Chapter, University of North Carolina '64)
Former Chief Domestic Policy Adviser, President Jimmy Carter
Deputy Secretary of Treasury and Under Secretary of State for Economic,
Business and Agricultural Affairs, President Bill Clinton
Larry S. Flax (Alpha Mu Chapter, University of Washington '64)
California Pizza Kitchen (NASDAQ: CPKI) co-Founder and co-Chairman and co-CEO

Stuart A. Fraser (Omega Chapter, University of Missouri ’83)
Cantor Fitzgerald - Vice Chairman

Martin Frost, III (Omega Chapter, University of Missouri '64)
Former Member, United States Congress (D-TX)

Benjamin A. Gilman (Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, University of Pennsylvania '46)
Former Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (R-NY)

Richard C. Goodman (Iota Chapter, University of Denver ’78)
Henry Crown & Company - General Partner

Alan "Ace" C. Greenberg (Omega Chapter, University of Missouri ’49)
The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. - Chairman of the Executive Committee

Jerry Herman (Alpha Omega Chapter, University of Miami '53)
Playwright (Hello Dolly!, La Cage aux Folles)

Bruce J. Klatsky (Lambda Chapter, Case Western Reserve University ’70)
Philips-Van Heusen Corporation - Chairman

David I. Klapper (Beta Gamma Chapter, Indiana University '70)
The Finish Line (NASDAQ: FINL) co-Founder and former Senior Executive Vice President and Director

Robert K. Kraft (Delta Chapter, Columbia University ’63)
New England Patriots - Owner

William M. Lehman, (Psi Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, University of Alabama) '34
Former Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (D-Florida)

Howard R. Levine (Alpha Pi Chapter, University of North Carolina ’81)
Family Dollar Stores, Inc. - Chairman of the Board

Joseph "Jeph" Loeb III (Delta Chapter, Columbia University '79)
film and televison writer, producer, and award winning comic book
writer (Smallville, Lost, Commando, Teen Wolf, Heroes)
Sid Luckman (Delta Chapter, Columbia University '39)
Member of College and Professional Football Halls of Fame

Douglas L. Maine (Alpha Beta Chapter, Temple University ’70)
IBM - Chief Financial Officer, retired

Mark J. Manoff (Epsilon Chapter, University of Maryland – College Park '78)
Ernst & Young, Americas Vice Chair - Accounts

Sam Massell (Mu Chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi, University of Georgia, '48)
Former Mayor, City of Atlanta (GA)

Abner J. Mikva, (Pi Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta, University of Wisconsin '48)
Former Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives (D-IL)

Michael S. Ovitz (Alpha Rho Chapter, University of California - Los Angeles ’69)
Walt Disney Company - President, retired

William S. Paley (Theta Chapter, University of Pennsylvania '22)
Founder, CBS

Harold Ramis (Alpha Xi Chapter, Washington University-St. Louis ’66)
Ocean Pictures - Writer, Director, Producer, Actor (Ghostbusters)

Greg B. Steiner (Rho Chapter, University of Illinois '90)
Chief Operating Officer at BeachMint, Inc.; former President, eHarmony Inc.

Michael Shamberg (Alpha Xi Chapter, University of Washington - St. Louis ’66)
Jersey Films - Director, Producer, Actor

Jeffrey S. Sloan (Theta Chapter, University of Pennsylvania '89
Global Payments, Inc. (NYSE: GPN) President

Jerry I. Speyer (Delta Chapter, Columbia University '65)
Tishman Speyer Properties - Founding Partner

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg (Delta Chapter, Columbia University ’59)
Retired George Washington University - President

Mike Wallace (Alpha Gamma Chapter, University of Michigan '39)
Correspondent, 60 Minutes

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