Greece: Anarchists attack ticket inspectors

Ticket inspectors have been targeted by the anarchist group Rouvikonas. Rouvikonas, the personal details of more than 100 ticket inspectors were posted online accompanied by a threatening message. Police authorities in Greece are worried as the first attacks have taken place as outside the homes of 3 inspectors threatening slogans were written on walls.

The text is accompanied by photographs that show slogans written in red spray on walls, which as noted in the relevant post have been written near the residences of inspectors of public transport.

"We decided to visit some of them in their homes, decorating the outside to show and make known their "functions" in the neighborhood where they live. So in addition to the slaps and the booing they will receive they will be obstructed from doing their jobs.They will have a little back from the castigation that they deal out daily in Greece".

The "stigma" as all shows are a continuation of hooded invasion in subway stations and then the disclosure of personal details of 119 ticket inspector on athens indymedia along with a text claiming responsibility for the attacks, the destruction of machines and the beating of the ticket inspectors.

In the text posted, among other threats is the following: "If you know someone in your neighborhood, in your apartment, treat them accordingly."

The perpetrators of the attacks made a further step on 11,13 and 16 April by spraying slogans on walls were three inspectors live (whose names are included in the list).


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Location: Athens, Attica, Greece