Jewtube Censors the TRUTH AGAIN!! Barcelona Spain Broken Leg Video REMOVED on False Grounds!

once again youtube aka jewtube has censored free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of coming to your own conclusions and stating your comments in any way shape or form censor free on my channel...yet, no reasons given, no warning or email, just "YOUR VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED....we value free speech..." BULLSHIT YOUTUBE!!!#Spain #Barcelona #ISIS is #Israel #Mossad #FakeNews #Censorship via #Youtube @Youtube


By: Mattyd 4Truth (739.60)

Tags: barcelona spain terror attack, van attack barelona, van attack spain, isis van attack barcelona, isis barcelona, isis is israel, isis israeli secret inelligence service, fake news, mossad isis, staged terror attack, spain video van pedestrians, van plows

Location: São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

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