Dousing passers-by on the street, decided to apologize

A resident of Vladivostok, recently "famous" after specially dousing passers-by on the street, decided to apologize and published a "penitential" video on the Web.

It all started with the fact that a young man named Alexander F., who was driving a Lexus SUV, deliberately drove from a puddle people who made their way through the roadway and were on the sidewalk - that day there was a heavy rainfall in the city , and there was plenty of water.

“Washing, washing is free,” the driver cynically cried out, pushing the gas and jumping through a deep puddle at speed.

It is possible that everything would be limited to curses flying after an inadequate driver from wet and dirty pedestrians. But Alexander decided that he had committed an act worthy of attention, and posted a video of his trick on his Instagram.

The publication caused the opposite effect - netizens sharply criticized the act of the young man and quickly established his identity and some episodes of the biography. As it turned out, it was not the first time that he showed a boorish and disregard for others.

So, according to media reports , on May 9 last year, Alexander parked his vehicle, blocking the exit from the entrance of a residential building, and then went on business. Having returned after a long time, he hastily hid from the anger of the tenants. This trick cost him 500 rubles - it was such a fine that the police officers wrote to him.

This time, a public outcry forced AutoCham to back down. He fought back from criticism for a long time and even posted a video on Instagram where, using obscene language, he tried to prove his right to such actions, but he gave up and recorded a video with an apology.


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