Rouvikonas: raid on ministry of public infrastructures (YP.EXO.DE)

Rubikon: Painting attack on the Ministry of Infrastructure (19 Alexandras Avenue)

On Friday, August 3, we decided to attack the Ministry of Infrastructure at the address of the ministry. There are inexhaustible reasons for someone to intervene in this ministry. We decided to do it for his biggest and greatest crime in Greece, partly participating in the assassination of dozens (and unfortunately, the number of daily lives) of our fellow men in Rafina, Mati and Kinetta at the end of July. Everyone agrees that if there were the necessary infrastructure for evacuating the areas and for dealing with fires, the bane would certainly be less.
We can not know how better people's fate would be, but it is certain that it would be better. The state, as in any extraordinary for the same treaty, chooses to ostrich. He prefers for purely political reasons to avoid his responsibilities. The murderous state of Greece has a huge share of responsibility in one of the country's most massive assassinations. Infrastructure deficiencies existed, exist and will continue to exist.

As long as we trust our destiny in governments and rescuers of all kinds. We have nothing but to declare our undivided and unwavering solidarity with the firefighters and their families.



Anarchist Collectivity of Rubikon



By: Rouvikonas (67.70)

Tags: Rouvikonas, Attika wildfires

Location: Athens, Greece