Tornado destruction in Auckland caught on camera

Footage Geoff Mackley / James Baran

27 June 2020
An ambulance had its windows smashed in by a tornado as a woman was giving birth inside.
The tornado has hit hard across parts of Auckland, with roofs and buildings damaged, and trees knocked down.
Fire and Emergency NZ shift manager Craig Dally said the tornado pushed a shed up against the ambulance, blowing in its windows about 9.12am.
Firefighters helped make the area safe, he said.
St John Auckland Central territory manager Richard Gray said the ambulance was parked when debris hit its right side.
The woman, in a moderate condition, was not affected by the incident, and the two ambulance officers attending to her were unharmed.
She was taken to hospital by a second ambulance while the damaged ambulance was taken off the road for repairs, he added.
East Tamaki Heights​ resident Wesley Hunkin​ told Stuff he was seeing his wife off to work when he spotted the tornado just before 9am on Saturday.
"It seemed to have quite a bit of debris in it but I couldn't tell if there was anything big."
Hunkin said the tornado dissipated after about two minutes.
Alan Wilson who lives on Franklyne Rd in Ōtara said the rain got louder before his house started shaking as the tornado moved through.
His fence had been toppled, the barbecue thrown about 10 metres while trees had been uprooted and toppled.
A neighbour's trampoline was wrapped in the power lines and a marquee had hit a roof.
Dally told Stuff FENZ had received 29 calls about the tornado.
He said the calls were mainly for roofs lifting, but said some industrial buildings in the area had sustained significant structural damage.
MetService meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane​ said it had received a couple of reports of a tornado in the area.
She said a thunderstorm had moved over the area and could have created the possibility of a short-lived, weak tornado.
Makgabutlane said there was also thunderstorm activity in Dairy Flat, north Auckland, overnight which had the potential to produce a tornado.
MetService had warned on Friday with severe thunderstorms there could be a risk of tornados with strong wind gusts.
Bianca Paterson said a tornado had swept through her property about 11.30pm on Friday, leaving a trail of destruction.



By: Geoff Mackley (456.60)

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Location: Auckland New Zealand