Truck crashes into barrier after driver 'fell asleep' on motorway in Thailand

This is the heart-stopping moment a truck wobbles from side to side before crashing on a motorway - after the driver fell asleep.

The vehicle was carrying a shipping container loaded with food cargo when it began drifting towards concrete road barriers.

Dashcam footage shows how the lorry scraped against them before wobbling dangerously while veering across the road.

It then smashed into the ground in front of shocked motorists in Bangkok, Thailand on August 10 morning.

Onlookers rushed to help the driver, who was conscious and had only suffered minor injuries in the accident. He climbed out of the cabin still in a daze from the accident.

The driver who recorded the crash said the trucker told them he had fallen asleep at the wheel because he had been driving long hours recently.

He said: ''I think that if the truck had been driving faster, it could have been a worse accident and the driver could have died.

''He was drowsy and lost control then hit the barrier. He was alright after the accident and went to the hospital to be checked.''

The driver was questioned at the scene of the crash by police before being taken to hospital to be checked over.


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Местоположение : Thailand