Blow to the Spanish elite: Testimonials Satanic Rituals, pedophilia and child murders

This is possibly one of the biggest stories that have been shared until now is;amp;amp;hl=es&;amp;amp;usg=ALkJrhhLst99yHU5H1hE8vnVZWkDCEC01w . The testimonies are from people who suffered and saw with their own eyes that these soulless aberrations committed on innocent children admitted to the children's home of Baix Maestrat (Castellón). The names of those involved in this network of pedophilia, satanic rituals and murder of children leave more than one speechless. Everything points to the closest to the pinnacle of power elite in Spain and Europe. Among those involved would be judges, police, secret agents, politicians, businessmen, drug traffickers, etc

The first witness is Michelangelo Maura Ferreres which has its terrible history of sexual abuse, and the presence of satanic ritual murders and continually happening in the Bar Castellon Spain. Of all the aberrations he mentioned witnessing the ritual murder of a gypsy child born out by the former president of the Diputación de Castellón, Carlos Fabra and Giuseppe Farina, wearing black robes and murdering on a satanic pentagram as guests and other children They were forced to witness the scene in a circle. The abuses were constant, but drugged and threatened to kill did not count for anything about what was happening there also were watched by security cameras in their rooms. Michelangelo was only a 7 years old when he entered the residence for children Baix Maestrat then already 22 years, you can hear his chilling testimony, (4 parts).:

Direct, concise and full of anger and helplessness the words of the testimony of Francisco Moreno Rius, father and stepfather Alberto, another abused children in the Bar Spain. Account as it has been several attempts to abuse the start defending the cause of his stepson Alberto. He also talks about violations of Carlos Fabra
(former president of the Delegation of Spain) in the rooms, and
emphasizes that those involved in the pedophile ring "are not working
people, but characters in the upper echelons of society and play with ignorance of people to manipulate the system. " He says that justice and the secret police are involved to "cover the shame" and is convinced that despite threats, harassment and attempted murder, the truth will come to light:

Shocking testimony of Dolores Calvo, Alberto mother pointing to the Spanish political peak, judges, police ... involved in the network of Satanism, witchcraft and pedophilia Bar Spain. "Neither the prison pay what they have done is a shame that in Spain no investigation, "he concludes

"Fabra is a person without feelings, evil, likes to do evil." Statements by Alberto Hernandez Calvo, another abused child when she was 2 years with his other two brothers in Spain and Bar Residence Baix Maestrat. Only this is an excerpt:

Victor Manuel Moreno testimony that analyzes and lists each of the present mindless orgies and satanic rituals taking place in the Bar Spain and Mas Mas Coll. Among them, Carlos Fabra, Giuseppe Farina (former AC Milan), Manolo 'the cortijero' Dani 'the Clown', etc. (2 parts):

Giuseppe Farina, ex-presidente del AC Milan

The demon inhabiting the Bar Act d Spain Online: Research and apparently the location of Bar Spain and the two residences under Baix Maestrat are not anywhere. These psychopaths pedophiles need to place them in specific sites (recommended see full screen):

"Uncovered derastas Pe" the Antena 3 Spanish television channel who investigated the case of the plot of pedophilia and satanic rituals in Castellon. Program As negative note saying that the testimonies are cut and some more controversial parts not shown when victims speak of the powerful involved:

Ana Maria, a mother whose two children were admitted to the residence of minors Baix Maestrat tells us everything we know about this case. He never came to imagine that their children were being used by a criminal gang of pedophiles where at the top we find Carlos Fabra, the president of the Delegation of Castellón. He had never dared to speak so clear on this issue ... his sons were warned that if someone told him something his mother would be killed. The case will be investigated Bar Spain and all those responsible pay for what they did to those children.The Bogeyman is called ... Carlos Fabra: Compilation of some of the evidence produced by Rafael Palacios.