You Might Be A Ron Paul Cultists IF....

For anyone that doesn’t support Ron Paul, and has ever tried to talk
to his supporters, you’ve probably realized that they are unaware of all
the things they are supporting by endorsing Ron Paul. Here’s a list of
just 21 reasons someone might be a Ron Paul supporter. Feel free to add
your own, in the comments on this article.
1. You’ve never researched Ron Paul’s voting record.

2. You think it’s OK for businesses to discriminate against people
based on their race, since Ron Paul thinks the Civil Rights Act is
3. You’re a supporter of the white supremacist organization, which has repeatedly endorsed and stated their support
for Ron Paul.
4. You don’t care that Ron Paul was the ONLY congressman who voted
against granting subpoena power to the independent panel responsible for
investigating the BP oil spill.
5. You don’t like clean air and water, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate the EPA.

6. You don’t want to have a safety net in place, in case your house
is destroyed by a tornado, hurricane, or some other natural disaster,
since Ron Paul wants to eliminate FEMA.
7. You think all schools should be private, and that you should have
to pay for your children to get an education, since Ron Paul wants to
eliminate the Department of Education.

8. You think corporations should be allowed to do whatever they want,
because Ron Paul wants to eliminate all regulations on corporations.
9. You are anti-choice, since Ron Paul believes that states should
have the right to take away a woman’s choice over what she does with her
10. You support segregation, since Ron Paul doesn’t think schools
should be forced to allow attendance based on race or ethnic background.
11. You support guns on airplanes, since Ron Paul thinks that 9/11
could have been prevented, if citizens were allowed to carry guns on
12. You oppose equality for LGBT people, since Ron Paul doesn’t think
the federal government should guarantee equal protection under the law
for our LGBT brothers and sisters.
13. You don’t have a problem with people carrying guns near schools,
since Ron Paul want to repeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act.
14. You oppose same-sex marriage, since Ron Paul was an original
co-sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act in the House of
Representatives, in 2004.
15. You don’t like having a good relationship with other countries
around the world, since Ron Paul wants the United States to pull out of
the United Nations.
16. You think the middle-class should have a higher tax burden than
the wealthy, since Ron Paul’s tax plan would disproportionately favor
the rich.
17. You want a President who would make more unilateral decisions and
undo more progress in this country than George W. Bush could have ever
hoped to accomplish.
18. You think that poor students shouldn’t be allowed to go to college, since Ron Paul wants to eliminate federal student loans.

19. You believe crazy conspiracy theories about globalization, and that the Zionists are trying to take over the world.

20. You think the 10th Amendment is the most important part of the Bill of Rights, even though it’s last on the list.

21. You’re mad at Obama because you believed him when he said he
would end the war immediately, and he didn’t because he didn’t have the
support of congress, but you believe Ron Paul could get it done