Brazil - Cops who put gun in the hand of unarmed victim they killed acquitted

*Shooting gun with victims hand @2:40*
"Brazil - In May 2019 , the court acquitted the policemen who were captured on video at the moment they put a gun in the hand of an unarmed guy they had killed in October 2015." (video possibly already posted here in 2015 since it gained much attention then).

The incident occurred in 2015 in one of the favela of Rio de Janeiro. Residents videotaped the moment when the police wiped their pistol and inserted it into the hand of the unarmed 17-year-old boy they had killed. To ensure the powder marks on the victim's hand, a policeman makes several shots from a pistol with the hand of an already dead person. Now everything is ready to explain the actions of the police with the necessary self-defense in response to the shooting of the “bandit

Last month (May 2019), all the policemen featured on the video were acquitted by the court.
The judge explained that the video did not help clarify the circumstances under which the shooting occurred, as a result of which the young man was killed. “Despite the fact that they seem to demonstrate something reprehensible and perhaps this is illegal or problematic behavior of police officers, it does not suggest that such actions led to the death of the victim. Criminal law cannot be based on assumptions that are not supported by anything, ”the judge concluded.
According to the court’s decision, “the accused’s version is possible that at the time of the death shot the victim had a firearm.

The public murder of Eduardo Felipe Santos Victor, 17, won social networks, and shocking images amplified his reach. The Secretary of Security, José Mariano Beltrame, said: the action of the Police and fraud in the investigation should be met with "exemplary punishment of those responsible". UPP spokesman Colonel Ivan Blaz was quoted as saying they should get "immediate punishment."

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