Dog ejected from car in high-speed collision on Texas highway

Dashcam footage captured the moment a dog was ejected from a car as it was rear-ended by another vehicle at great speed.

Don Nguyen's dashcam caught the moment the dog was flung from the car's trunk. It can be seen racing across the lanes in between cars on the Mopac Expressway in Austin.

Nguyen told Newsflare: "The dark green Volvo comes into view at the start of video on the left lane.

"He then illegally switches into the left express lane without signalling, which is clearly blocked off my white pole-dividers, then gets rammed by this black Infiniti.

"Right after the crash, you can see the dog jump out of the Volvo and run all across the freeway."

He added: "The dog seemed okay after the accident."

This footage was filmed on November 12.


By: NewsFlare (98772.00)

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