To evade an officer, a N.M. man ran into traffic. It didn’t work.

When police saw Armando Romero back in September, they said he was trying to unlock a white truck at a motel. Officers trying to help him found out he had a warrant for his arrest.

They tried to question him about it, but he took off running into oncoming traffic. Romero led the officer on a dangerous chase.

He continued to run into traffic and even tried to catch his own ride from multiple cars. At one point, the officer grabbed onto a semi truck to try to catch up to him.

Romero can be seen trying to hold onto a car as a driver pulled over. Once the officer caught up to him, he was trying to jump onto the back of a pickup truck.

Romero was charged with resisting, evading, or obstructing an officer. Court documents show the charges have been dismissed because the district attorneys office didn't want to proceed with the case.

Its unclear why the district attorneys office didn’t want to go forward, but the state can refile the charges if they choose.

Romero’s extensive criminal history includes charges for assault and burglary dating back to 2007.



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