Taiwan plane crash: airline chairman says sorry to victims’ relatives

25/07 13:58 CET

As grieving families mourn loved ones killed in a plane crash on a Taiwanese island, the chairman of TransAsia Airways has personally said sorry.

But for many relatives of the 48 dead, Lin Ming-sheng’s apologies as he joined them at a funeral home on Penghu island are small comfort. They blame the airline for letting the turboprop plane take off on Wednesday in poor weather conditions.

While funerals are held, search teams continue to sift through the debris.

The weather is set to be a key factor in the inquiry after the ATR-72, carrying 58 people, crashed near the runway while trying to land in Taiwan’s Penghu archipelago. A typhoon had passed earlier in the day.

No one on the ground was hurt.

The remaining 10 people on board the plane survived, with injuries.

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