Terrifying moment a young girl falls 30 feet from zip line at Indian school

A young girl in India fell from a terrifying height when a zip line activity at her primary school went terribly wrong.

The girl, Kartisha, fell from a two-story building -- a height of approximately 30 feet (9m), though it has also been reported as 25 feet (7.6m).

The incident at Raipur's Radiant Way school happened on 12 November. The girl was rushed to hospital with severe injuries.

Her father, Somitra Trivedi, said the family has filed a police complaint against the school for negligence. He said the school did not say the children would be carrying out this sort of activity and complained that the organisers did not have adequate safety measures in place.

Her father, who is himself a doctor, said that they have now discharged their daughter from hospital and she is getting treatment at home.


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