Eyewitnesses manually cleared the passage for firefighters

Last Saturday, May 23, firefighters who were on the call were in a difficult situation. Eyewitnesses came to the rescue of firefighters - this moment was filmed by one of the residents of the house, in the courtyard of which events unfolded.

According to media reports , on Novaya Street in Murin near St. Petersburg, a fire truck stopped due to a parked car. People who were nearby provided assistance to the rescuers and cleaned the obstructed car.

Prior to the arrival of firefighters, a man who lived in the neighborhood of the apartment where the fire broke out entered the fight against fire. He tried to put out the flames from his balcony with a hose.

It is known that the fire area was 23 square meters, more than 30 people were evacuated. No information was received on victims of the incident.


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