New York motorist fuming after concrete water dumped on car by construction crew

A New York motorist was fuming after his car was covered in concrete water after driving past a construction site on Verrazano-Narrows bridge on May 18.

The motorist, Bobby Preston, films the exterior of his vehicle covered in splats of the concrete water before opening his door revealing the mixture has stained the interior as he had his sunroof open.

Preston told Newsflare: "I was travelling westbound on the Verrazano- Narrows bridge. As I entered the lower level underpass My car and many others were suddenly hit with a deluge of cloudy and abrasive concrete wastewater.

"This caused me to lose visibility for a brief second and since my sunroof was open it also caused damage to my car's interior.

"When I finally arrived at work and was able to assess I observed my vehicle was almost completely covered in this abrasive concrete water which had now dried and could not be easily removed.

"This has caused damage to my vehicles clear coat. This situation is frustrating as due to the constructions company’s negligence, myself and many others had their personal property damaged."



By: NewsFlare (74772.00)

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