How solitary confinement kills: Torture and stunning neglect ends in suicide at privately run ice prison

FRAÍN ROMERO DE LA ROSA would pace around his solitary confinement cell. He often paused to glance through the small window that looked out at the rest of the gray immigration jail unit. Standing at 5-foot-5, with a bushy black beard and receding hairline, Romero spent his 21st day in solitary battling the voices in his head.

Romero’s schizophrenic episodes had a particularly dark nature to them, frequently colored by his deep religious beliefs. Every voice that called him the “Antichrist” twisted the dagger of his anguish, and Romero sunk further into a state of depression. Confinement to his 13-by-7-foot concrete cell for 23 hours a day only worsened his condition.



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