DHS Checkpoint Blog Entry 9: 'Cruz' Control

The internal suspicionless Homeland Security checkpoint seizure depicted in this video took place on April 22, 2008 - over 40 miles North of the border along Southern Arizona's SR86 near mile marker 146.

Both agents working primary have also stopped me in the recent past. The videos of these previous stops can be viewed at:




Unlike the previous stops however where I was waved through relatively quickly, this time around Agent's Cruz & Villa played tag team during the stop & illegally detained me absent reasonable suspicion for close to ten minutes. This despite the fact both agents know who I am.

Instead, this was merely another exercise in obedience training and dominance games along a public highway inside the country.

One of my goals in documenting these checkpoint encounters is to demonstrate their arbitrary nature and intrusiveness on the traveling public.

While such suspicionless enforcement tactics are commonplace in third world dictatorships, they have no place in a Constitutional Republic such as ours. Especially considering that more efficient enforcement alternatives are available to the Border Patrol if the agency was really interested in 'securing' the border. One such alternative being to actually patrol it - something these agents weren't doing because they were too busy interfering with the traveling & privacy rights of Americans inside the country.

The 'writ of assistance' should have disappeared generations ago. Unfortunately, the spirit of the 'writ' clearly lives on within those who seek to dominate & control instead of serve & protect.