The policeman who hung on the door stopped the drunk driver.

In the Crimea, a drunken intruder shot down a district police officer in his car, and then “rolled” him at the driver's door.

The incident occurred in the village of Oktyabrskoye, when a policeman stopped a car with an unusual trajectory, suggesting that his driver might be intoxicated.

The man who was driving, immediately attacked the police captain with selective abuse, and then completely tried to leave, knocking down a law enforcement officer.

The local policeman Artyom Kulish was able to cling to the driver's door, but the car started and traveled a considerable distance before the policeman managed to stop the bully.

Later, a medical examination confirmed the presence of alcohol in the blood of the detained offender, moreover, it turned out that the man had previously been stripped of his driver’s license.

Irina Volk, spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry, said the 33-year-old bully faces criminal liability.



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Location: Crimea