Brigam and Women's Hospital Confirms Fake Injuries from Boston Bombing

Brigam and Women's Hospital Confirms Fake Injuries from Boston Bombing

An amazing interview of doctors from Brigam and Women's Hospital. Find out why it was necessary for militarized police conducting the drill to invade, surround, and eventually evacuate two hospitals, using fake bomb threats. Chronicles an unprecedented and outrageous crime against the American people. It is difficult to believe until one actually sees it.

For more info like this, also see "Confirmation Of Fake Bomb Injuries - Medscape on Boston Bombing"

The real perpetrators of the Boston Marathon "bombing" are explored in this film. Hard and direct evidence is presented and compared. A tangled web of politics, fake death, corporate interests, identity theft and deception, is unravelled for all to see. (See "How to Fake Death at the Boston Marathon" for proof of the fake death of Krystle Campbell.)

This issue is taking on a new and even greater significance, with the revelation of the NSA massive spying operation against innocent US citizens. Many of the companies involved in 'security' at the Boston Marathon (in other words, setting up the terrorism) have considerable ties to those also doing unwarranted spying on innocent Americans. No doubt, staging the false-flag bombing was meant to help "justify" this spying - as well as the huge amount of tax payer money they waste doing it.

After watching this, you will never think about the Boston Marathon bombing, FEMA, the FBI, or terrorism the same way again.

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