Drunk guests at Indian wedding run riot at 5-star hotel over cold food

At a wedding held at a five star hotel in New Delhi, India, several drunk guests were incensed after being served cold food and receiving 'no proper service', causing them to attack the staff.

Video of the riot, filmed last night (February 10), shows the guests throwing plates and beating up the waiters, as some of them lie on the ground and hold on to their legs.

A man can also be seen trying to throw a pan at the waiter who tries to block with his hands.

The trouble started after guests began drinking and the host complained that no proper service was available and food was served cold to his guests.

The hotel authorities responded that the guests were busy drinking and partying, which left the food to go cold due to the chilly weather conditions in the capital.

The unhappy guests were not satisfied with this answer and turned riotous, beating up the waiters and running a rampage inside the luxury hotel.

At least 4 staff have been hospitalised and the hotel owner is going to file a complaint with the police today (February 11).


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