Before you rob and steal, know your Vehicle

Wayward bandits fixing for trouble are seen boxing in the drivers car in a dusty neighborhood. A bandit commandeers the drivers car at gun point. As this is happening, the other bandits leave the area. Bandit realizes the car that he car jacked is standard transmission and cannot drive, but to his disappointment his bros have left the scene. Being in a strange and far away barrio, bandit has no where to go. Cops show up and arrest the bandit at gun point. End of story. So many of these car jacking's out of Brazil look the same but this one doesn't look as familiar. I hope this video isn't a repost. For your viewing pleasure. No happy ending.



By: Long Beard (20225.70)

Tags: Robbery, Car Jacking, Standard Transmission, Failed, Arrested

Location: Brazil

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