'Thousands' of robins take over backyard of family home in Oklahoma

These were the scenes in one family's backyard in Oklahoma City as what the resident claimed to be "thousands" of robins took over.

Footage from February 19 shows the snow-covered yard where hundreds of robins are perched in multiple trees and atop various ledges and roofs.

Filmer T.J. Kitchens commented online: "I walked slowly to get kind of centred around where they were flocking.

"About half flew away. The rest stayed and in about 10 seconds, they acted like I wasn't there.

"They flew right by me within arms reach a bunch of times. If I had faster reflexes, I could've caught a few.

"I see robins all the time. Never like this though. They demolished that tree and all its berries."


By: NewsFlare (110565.00)

Tags: entertainment, robins take over backyard, snow covered yard

Location: Oklahoma