Bodycam footage from the night, Australian Lady, Justine Damond, was shot and killed has been released

Footage of people desperately trying to save the life of Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk Damond after she was shot by a US cop has been released.
Ms Damond was fatally shot by Mohamed Noor outside her home in Minneapolis that she shared with her US citizen fiancé, Don, and his son on July 15, 2017.
She had called 911 earlier that night to report a possible rape, and was shot after approaching the police car.
Bodycam footage tendered to the court, along with video taken by a passing cyclist of Noor's partner Matthew Harrity performing CPR as Noor paces nervously nearby, was released on Thursday.
She called 911 and when Noor's police squad car arrived in the alley at the rear of her home she approached the vehicle.

Noor and Harrity testified that Ms Damond startled them, they feared an ambush and Noor said he made the split-second decision to shoot across his partner and out the car window at Ms Damond.
Ms Damond, wearing a pink T-shirt, pyjama pants and bare feet, was shot in the abdomen and died soon after.
Noor, 33, a Somali immigrant who had only been an officer for 21 months before the shooting, faces a ridiculous and laughable 12-and-a-half-year prison term (while a regular, hard working citizen, defending his home and family gets life in prison because a technically) when sentenced on June 7.
Ms Damond's family filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Minneapolis and received a record $US20 million ($A29 million) settlement.
Noor, who was sacked from the police force after being charged last year, is in custody ahead of his sentencing



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