Thai driver finds king cobra coiled up in his car engine

A driver was shocked after finding a king cobra coiled up inside his car engine.

Prachuab Kikkham, 46, was concerned by his dog barking intensely at his vehicle in Trang, southern Thailand on Tuesday (March 24) afternoon.

He checked his car and was horrified when he lifted the bonnet and found the 9ft long reptile coiled up on the engine.

Rescue workers arrived and spent 20 minutes removing the deadly snake.

The car owner said he realised something was wrong because it was strange that his dogs were barking and running around the car.

He said: "My dogs kept barking constantly at my car and running around it like they were trying to scare out something.

"I went to check it and was shocked as I saw the moment when the king cobra slithering up into my car engine."

The rescuers put the snake in the sack ready to release it back to the wild away from the local village.


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