Trump desperate for anyone to support his innocence, trump tried to get henchman Barr to exonerate him in Ukraine.

Trump tweets out after being exposed to try Barr again, after all it worked for the mueller report. I hand picked Barr to exonerate me and he did, brilliantly with no evedince to support me. No collusion no obstruction. Well there are 7 counts of obstruction that trump will be charged with when impeached but he fooled the people and trump wanted more of the same.
The problem is Barr can’t defend trump plus trump is in fact guilty. Multiple first hand testimony points the finger squarely at trump, and just about everyone around trump, from his family to state department even Barr himself. Guilliani a hired henchman that will roll soon enough.
Barr refused to help trump and declare the impeachment a sham, and trump got caught asking.

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The story in the Amazon Washington Post, of course picked up by Fake News CNN, saying “President Trump asked for AG Barr to host a news conference clearing him on Ukraine,” is totally untrue and just another FAKE NEWS story with anonymous sources that don’t exist....
9:08 PM - 6 Nov 2019
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So trump gets caught trying to influence the proceedings and then denies, lies, and goes to fake news as the culprit. How convenient. Well the jig is up as republicans in Georgia that supported trump say it’s over for trump, I don’t recognize the Republican Party anymore. Memes yes.


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