Crayfish escaping from plastic bags occupy office after Chinese employee forgets to collect her order

Dozens of crayfish escaped from plastic bag and occupied an office floor in eastern China after an employee forgot to collect her order.

The CCTV video, shot in the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province on June 29, shows a deliveryman leaving bags of live crayfish at a corner of a floor outside the lifts.

After he left, the 10kg of live crayfish came crawling out of the plastic bags gradually and scuttled here and there on the floor.

In another video, two women were seen arriving at the floor and they had to jump over the crayfish on the floor to get out of the lift.

According to reports, an employee named Xiao Gu ordered the 10kg live crayfish to be delivered to her office but she forgot to collect her order and brought them back home.

The crayfish was reportedly picked up and cooked by Xiao Gu.

The video was provided by local media with permission,


By: NewsFlare (90366.00)

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