Biker saved a kitten thrown in the middle of the road

In Belgium, a high-speed motorcyclist saved a thrown kitten from certain death. Moreover, as the record made by him testifies, he immediately found him a new owner.

The "rescue operation" took place in the afternoon of August 29 on the road near the turn to Mons. Accelerated to 90 kilometers per hour, the motorcyclist went to the left and sharply slowed down, noticing a small kitten in the middle of the roadway. He left his vehicle on the side of the road, and he rushed to the animal and warned motorists with signs that they would go around this place.

Surprisingly, in less than a minute, a camelina found a new owner - the driver of a stopped car with pleasure took the pet for himself.

After the publication of the recording from the body camera, the biker urged the owners of the animals not to leave them on the street and even more so on the roadway, noting that there are enough shelters in the country.


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Location: Belgium