Fatal stabbing in Kingston Ontario

Kingston Police are investigating a stabbing and officer-involved shooting in the downtown core that left two people dead.

Police were called to the Anna Lane Downtown Condos building at the northwest corner of Bagot and Queen streets at about 1:45 p.m. Officials told the Whig-Standard that when the officer arrived, they found a suspect had stabbed two people with a large knife. The officer drew their firearm and shot the suspect in the leg.

Two people involved in the incident — the suspect, who is said to have stabbed himself, and one of the stabbing victims — are dead, according to officials at the scene.

“It’s a bad scene,” an official said at the scene. “It’s almost as if it was a frenzy.”

Peter Hoang was in his store, M.P. Nails, when he heard a scream from outside. Looking out the window, he saw a man with a knife and one man lying on the ground. Then a third man exited the condo building and the suspect stabbed him as well, Hoang said.

He said a woman who had been walking by stopped to try to help one of the victims. As she did, the suspect started to approach her just as police were arriving.

“Lucky for her, the police officer was right there with his gun in his hand,” Hoang said. “Then the woman ran away.

“The police officer asked him to drop the knife, to lay down, but he didn’t listen. He was still dangerous. He was very angry.”

The police officer then shot the man in the leg, Hoang said. Still, the man did not drop the knife but sat down on a nearby flower bed.

“Then he stabbed himself with the knife on his neck. He didn’t want to live. He wanted to die,” Hoang said. “I saw that and I locked the door. I had clients in here with me. I was scared.”

The province’s Special Investigations Unit has been called.

Frontenac Paramedics responded with four crews and transported multiple victims to Kingston General Hospital, spokesperson Marco Smits said.

The officer involved was not injured but was shaken up.

Holly Nguyen looked out of M.P. Nails just as paramedics were arriving.

“When I stood in the window, I saw two guys lying down on the ground,” Nguyen said. “One guy, he wasn’t moving at all. The other guy got up and was trying to run away.

“It was terrible what I saw. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, just crazy.”

Kingston Police have set up a command unit on Queen Street between Montreal and Bagot streets, but have directed any further inquiries to the SIU.

The SIU has tweeted that they won’t be commenting until later Thursday evening.


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