WWII: Kriegsmarine Items and photos my grandfather took

My (maternal) grandfather, 'Opa' in German, spent the entire war on minesweepers. The following vids are of items he kept and photos he took during the course of the war. A project inspired by those who asked to see the items, after me mentioning them on a couple of threads. The photo vid is somewhat long because of the number of photos and the length of time I allotted for each on screen. No sound on photo vid...just a few explanatory captions.

Shout-out to LiveLeaker «Radbod» for helping decipher my grandfather's hand writing, supplying info and posting numerous submissions about minesweepers, like he was prep'ing the audience for my submission. :) Thanks, my friend!

After the war...German minesweepers clear the Baltic Sea. Opa's unit involved. (Radbod post)


A website on Kriegsmarine ships. (In German)


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