Woman drives into pedestrians

Metro Nashville Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a driver who ran down a pedestrian in Midtown Nashville on January 1st.

Police say the witnesses told officers the driver is a woman, but they need to know the identity of the driver and the owner of the truck.

In the video a group of pedestrians are seen on a sidewalk near an intersection of Division Street and Lyle Avenue, just before 3:00AM on January 1st.

Out of the left side of the screen a pickup truck, with lifted suspension and custom wheels and tires, drives up into the group, appearing to strike a 44-year-old Hendersonville man, then driving over the e-scooters and continuing on to the red light at the intersection.

Police say the man was injured, but none of the injuries were critical.

One pedestrian chased after the truck, which stopped behind another vehicle at a red light. That person can be seen speaking to the driver for a few seconds, and then unidentified security staff are seen walking towards the vehicle, before the video ends.

Officers say the woman did drive off before any witnesses could collect information about her.



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Location: Nashville