Moment PRIEST, 27, commits a robbery with a fake gun

A priest has been arrested for allegedly carrying out a string of armed robberies in Brazil.
Catholic clergyman Elizeu Moreira, 27, is accused of carrying out robberies at two supermarkets and a pharmacy within the span of an hour on Tuesday in Passo Fundo, in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Security video from one of the supermarkets shows the moment a man points a fake gun at a cashier and forces her to hand over money from the register.
The footage shows the man placing an item on the counter and retrieving money from his wallet to pay, before suddenly pulling out the plastic pistol.
According to the Rio Grande do Sul Military Brigade, Father Moreira was apprehended later in the evening at a checkpoint while he was driving a vehicle that belonged to the Archdiocese of Passo Fondo.
Authorities seized $116 of the $249 the priest had allegedly stolen, as well as a fake gun.
Father Moreira was just a couple of days shy of marking his 18th month of ordination.
Police chief Diogo Ferreira said Moreira confessed to the Civil Police, and said that the robberies were sparked by madness.
Father Moreira appeared before a court judge Wednesday and was placed in pretrial detention.
Father Moreira has been temporarily removed from his duties at Santa Terezinha Church.


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Location: Passo Fundo, Brazil