Suspect Body-Slams Officer During Arrest

A Grove City police officer was violently body-slammed by an intoxicated suspect during a brawl outside a business on Monday (video below).

The incident occurred outside a business on North Meadows Drive after employees called police to report that an aggressive man was causing a disturbance and refused to leave, WBNS reported.

Officers arrived at the scene and identified the suspect as Michael Harris, who they believed was intoxicated.

Harris said he did not know anyone in the area and that he did not even know where he was, according to court documents.

As two officers spoke with the suspect out in a parking lot, he attempted to jump into the open driver’s side door of a vehicle, dashcam footage showed.

One of the officers immediately intercepted him, at which point Harris began fighting with them.

The video showed Harris as he lunged at one of the officers and lifted him over his head.

He then slammed the officer onto the ground, landing on top of him, as the second officer tried to pull him off from behind.

Harris kept the officer pinned to the pavement as a third officer jumped into the melee, the video showed.

The combative suspect was ultimately subdued and arrested on charges of disorderly conduct while intoxicated, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, and felony assault, WBNS reported.

The officer who was slammed to the ground during the altercation did not suffer any serious injuries, police said.

Harris, a redshirt sophomore for Eastern Kentucky University’s football team, is due to be arraigned on Wednesday, WBNS reported.


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