CCTV video shows the moment dog saves her 14-year-old blind pit bull sister from drowning

A beloved doggie saved a 14-year-old blind pit bull from drowning in a pool in Argentina.
A CCTV camera mounted on the backyard of Julieta Firpo's home showed Luna the pit bull walking near the pool ledge on December 19 before she accidentally fell in.
Firpo, who posted the video footage on her "social media" wrote that Luna had recently become 'disoriented' in recent days.
The family's other dog, Caipirinha, immediately raced to Luna's side and paced around the pool, perhaps figuring out a plan on how to rescue her pal.
The video showed Caipirinha trying to reach into the pool and grab Luna by her collar.
But after failing to do so, Caipirinha managed to lead Luna to the other end of the pool.
Moments later, Luna swam to the opposite side of the pool and then made it to the near end where Caipirinha reached in to grab Luna's collar and helped her climb out.
Firpo said, that the two dogs struck a friendship after the family rescued Caipirinha during a vacation trip after her owners dumped her out of a car window at a gas station in Brazil.


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