Adventurous bull makes its way up 200ft water tower prompting mammoth rescue operation

Incredible scenes unfolded near a water tower in northern India's Haryana where volunteers rescued a bull that had climbed the 200ft storage facility.

The marathon operation - that lasted nearly four hours - took place in Rewari district on November 14.

Visuals showed volunteers using a crane to reach the platform where the bull had climbed.

After reaching the balcony-like structure, the rescuers wrapped ropes around the animal for the crane to pull it out.

Once the ropes were secured, the animal was safely lowered down on to a truck and moved to a safer location.

A large number of people had gathered to witness the operation.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked outrage with locals questioning the intent of authorities.

According to reports, the gates of the water storage tank were kept open, allowing the bovine to enter and climb almost 200ft.

Fortunately, rescuers were able to pull it out before an untoward incident could take place.


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