ANTIFA & Protesters Terrorize Minneapolis Trump Rally

The Pantifa pink pussy-hatters just can't get enough violence to satisfy their hate-filled fantasies. Of course these same communist/Marxist tactics were used in the past to intimidate their political opponents. They failed then, and they are failing now and will continue to fail in the future.
Even Ilhan Omar and her boyfriend dressed up in their black skinny-jeans and joined with them. Do you think she wore a black rag on her head that night for the 'special occasion'?
The pantifa pink pussy-hatters even attacked families with small children and the elderly, proving they're nothing but coward little bitches. For some reason they think it is 'kewl' to fling their poo and throw bottles of urine at anyone they feel is "Nazi scum" - translated, meaning actual U.S. Constitution-abiding citizens who want what's best for our nation - maintaining a strong Republic and sovereignty.
From what I've heard, the far left (Soros, Obama, DNC, etc.) placed ads on Craigslist to hire 'protesters' at $15.00/hr. to disrupt the Trump rally.
In this video, you can see exactly what the far left actually is - pure hate; not just for President Trump, but everyone who voted for him or who supports him or the Conservatives in any way.
Fortunately for us, the democrats, far left and the pantifa pink pussy-hatters are going to get buried at the 2020 elections. President Trump will be re-elected, the Republicans will easily take back the House and take many more seats in the Senate.
And then Perro Pelosi will not be able to block any legislation, such as the much-needed USMCA, common sense immigration laws and proper funding for the border wall.

TRUMP 2020! MAGA/KAG!!! Don't forget, vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET in EVERY election. Voting for any other party members is a throw-away vote!


By: Old School (1422.00)

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