Jeremy Christian Sentencing Flip Out Following NSFW "Victim" Statement

Jeremy Christian flipped out yesterday when Demetria Hester gave a victim impact statement saying "your mother should have swallowed you." He went off on her calling here a "race baiter" saying that he should have killed her and calling her a liar. Full Disclosure Notice: I know Jeremy from jail and as a result started following his case and learning how warped the news coverage has been. There are two cases that were combined into one; the infamous Max train stabbings and the incident the night before in which Jeremy nailed Hester in the face with a plastic Gatorade bottle full of booze.

The problem with the Hester case is that surveillance footage from the train stop shows him walking away from her when she maced him, he kept walking away from her while she followed him with the mace, and only after she wouldn't stop macing him did he throw the bottle at her. After that he cleaned up at a drinking fountain and went home. How that equates to an assault charge against him really makes no rational sense. You can watch the video of their encounter on this page at about 1:40 in

When Jeremy calls her a liar he is referring to statements she has made on tape in the past and recanted later. Here you can see Hester at a press conference saying that she maced him after he threw the bottle



By: CopBlaster (91.90)

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