Disgusting! Woman pulls metres-long cot of 'hair' from car exhaust. But what is it really?

This UK woman freaked out over a metres-long lock of hair-like material coming out of her car exhaust, only to find it was the insulation from her muffler.

The clip, filmed on September 8 in Bakewell, Derbyshire shows Rebekah and her friends getting back to her Toyota Yaris outside her office after a day at work and noticing hair poking out of the exhaust before pulling it out.

"My friends and I got my car to see hair was hanging out of the exhaust and when we pulled it it just kept on coming," Rebekah told Newsflare.

So, what is it?

"It is the insulation in the muffler," Rebekah confirms.

"My car is known as Blessed due to its 'Blessed not stressed' bumper sticker but I wasn't so blessed that day! Think I need a new muffler!"

"I'm not sure when the muffler was fitted but the garage I took it to said it didn't look that old!"


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