CNN Supports Portland Antifa After Violence

Portland's entire police force was on hand to ensure that the march to determine Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization went relatively smoothly. And amongst those supporting their President and the fundamental rights of all American citizens it did.

The group patiently, peacefully, and respectfully obeyed the Portland police throughout the march.

Meanwhile Antifa once again revealed exactly why it is that their Anti American Communist propaganda thuggery has reached the end of a majority of American's patience.

They beat two old men.

Chased down a father and his young daughter.

Attacked a school bus transporting pro liberty marchers with a hammer and pepper spray, breaking its windows.

Their message? Go home nazis go home. Again echoing this childish and factually incorrect demand to American citizens....American citizens are home anywhere within us territories. And Nazis....American’s ancestors fought and killed nazis. If antifa was accurate with their chanting. They would be chanting death to America. But they don't have the cajones to do that.

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