Drunk Russian Woman Flashes Vagina And Spits After Being Arrested

This is the disgusting moment a drunk Russian woman flashed her VAGINA and spat at passers-by after being arrested then yelling ''help me Mother Russia''. Ekaterina Latypova, 26, and her boyfriend Ismail Ismailov, 32, had been waiting for a taxi on Saturday night in Pattaya, Thailand, when they started arguing with a group of Indian men. Ismail accused the men of leering at his pretty wife's hour-glass figure before a fracas erupted. Onlookers said the brunette began hitting the holidaymakers with a her half-empty bottle of beer before her husband threw punches. Passers-by ran for cover and called police who arrived at 11pm and handcuffed the Russian woman in the burgundy dress. She screamed ''help me Russia, I am foreign, help me Russia''. She then sat down and flashed her vagina before spitting at a motorcycle taxi rider trying to calm her down. The woman was frogmarched into the back of a police truck where she kissed her husband - who had also been caught - before she then spat at a reporter.



By: ViralPress (664.80)

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Location: Pattaya, Thailand