The "BucatiniGATE"

Mamma Mia italiaaaaaa

A "bucatini-gate" has exploded among the shelves of American supermarkets: since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the most popular cuts of pasta seems to have become almost impossible to find. Most of the brands have reduced the production of some cuts of pasta - including bucatini, which are less common and more complex to make - to maintain that of the best-selling formats. Although the popularity of bucatini is on the rise, thanks also to the recent fashion of the amatriciana, sales are in fact not at the level of spaghetti, linguine or penne. In the last year, with restaurants closed, however, the demand for pasta has increased, and this - together with the decline in production - has created a shortage for some brands: this is the case.
Mamma mia italiaaaaa
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