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I haven't noticed many " pro-Russian people" complaining that you're "anti-Russian". In fact I don't remember seeing any such complains (speaking about public posts only, don't know about personal messages of course). On the other hand "other side" regularly accuse anybody with at last little sympathy toward Russia of being Putin's agent. But then it just reflects global trend of Western establishment accusing Russia of everything from meddling in every single Western elections which doesn't go the "right" (neoliberal) way to orchestrating Brexit and Catalonian referendum to migration crisis in Europe.

What I heard from some "pro-Russian people" however were questions about support of some of your mods to multi-account spamming and up-voting/downing by such multi-accounts. People who have such question assume that this activity on such a scale as seeing in the Ukrainian channel couldn't be possible for such a long time without at last mods closing their eyes about it.


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