Phoenix PD releases surveillance video of shoplifting incident before alleged officer misconduct

The Phoenix Police Department released the surveillance video from the store where they say a family shoplifted before critics said officers used too much force and unethical tactics to take them into custody a few miles away.

The video footage is from May 27 at the Family Dollar Store at 36th Street and McDowell Road.

The surveillance video shows the 4-year-old getting the doll inside the store and showing it to a woman, who is holding some tin foil. While there is no audio, it appears the woman says she can't have the doll.

The woman then throws the tin foil against the display and walks out.

The girl waits for two other adults and walks out with the doll without paying.

Another camera shows a man, later identified as Dravon Ames, stealing a package of underwear, police say.

The camera outside the store shows the family leaving and a store employee telling a police officer, who was there investigating a different shoplifting incident, about the stolen items.

Police said that the officer told Ames, who was driving the car the family was in, to stop. Ames said he didn't hear him, so he kept driving.

Court paperwork said Ames threw the stolen underwear out the window.

The family drove to a babysitter's apartment complex near 32nd and Roosevelt streets, and that's where police showed up.

Ames said officers drew their guns and threatened to shoot him. Police said Ames wasn't complying to show his hands and was reaching toward the middle of the car between the two seats.

Iesha Harper, who was also in the passenger's seat, said she didn't raise her hands because the two kids were in the back of the car.

Viral videos show the officers' guns drawn and shows Ames, once he got out of the car, being kicked while in handcuffs.

No arrests were made, and no one was charged.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams apologized for what happened and the incident is under investigation.


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