Unnerving footage of mini-tsunami hitting Samos, Greece: 500,000 Twitter views

Incredible footage of the moment a mini tsunami hit the Greek island of Samos went on Friday with over half a million Twitter views.

The 30 October tsunami was the result of a major undersea earthquake off the Turkish coast, north of the Greek island of Samos.

The filmer, British journalist Fareid Atta, said: "Police were screaming, 'Move! Run away, take the high ground."

"I was caught on my bike as the tsunami rolled in, hemmed in between two cars. I picked up my bike and ran through the water, cycling, pedalling like a man possessed, all the time my own thoughts drowned out by the sounds of sirens, and of course of water gushing in," he added.

The US Geological Survey said the quake measured 7.0 magnitude.

Izmir in Turkey was even more badly hit by a tsunami surge.


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