Can you help identify this urinating vandal

A Kamloops resident is hoping surveillance video will help identify a person who decided to use her property as a urinal.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, lives on the north end of Grasslands Boulevard in Westsyde.

On Sunday, May 24, at 2 a.m., the homeowner’s video-surveillance system captured three males, who appear to be teens, loitering on the road directly in front of her driveway. All are wearing backpacks.

One teen leaves the group and walks onto the driveway and toward a container. There, he removes the lid of the container and proceeds to urinate on the soil within — soil that was to be used for gardening at the home.

The teen is wearing a blue hoodie and ball cap, with the hoodie pulled over the ball cap. On the left arm of the hoodie are the words, in all-caps white, “OFF THE WALL.”

There are black and white racing-flag checkers along the bottom of his hoodie and along the cuffs of the garment.

He is also wearing green camouflage pants and white runners with black laces.

On his back is a dark blue backpack with polka dots.



By: ThisIsButter (43817.70)

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