Horrific motorway smash sees firemen cut two people from mangled vehicle

A major head-on car smash on a motorway in Rancho Cucamonga California forced firemen to cut two individuals free from a totally destroyed vehicle.

The incident reportedly caused serious injuries to five individuals allegedly including those to a child who was rushed to hospital in an unknown condition.

The horrific crash which happened around 3am on I-210 eastbound near the Cherry Drive turn off, was reportedly caused by a vehicle going the wrong way down the motorway. This vehicle allegedly drove head-on into a pickup truck.

Two people in the vehicle going the wrong way on the motorway were physically extracted from their car and taken to hospital with major injuries.

Rancho Cucamonga firemen cut their way into the decimated car in order to pull out the first individual trapped in the vehicle clearly suffering from serious injuries. This person is put on a stretcher and wheeled to an ambulance.

The firemen then rush to the other side of the car to cut out another person from the wreck. As this person is put onto the stretcher and wheeled to the ambulance the filmer captures the face of the individual who looks to be unconscious.

The passengers in the pickup truck which was hit by the other vehicle included one child who was reportedly rushed to hospital but the condition of this child is unknown.

The driver and one other passenger in the pickup truck also were said to have suffered injuries but their condition is also unknown.

The footage filmed in the early hours of the morning shows police and fire response vehicles in the middle of the road with their lights flashing against the dark sky. The firemen then cut the door off of a completely mangled vehicle.

Paramedics wheel over a stretcher as the filmer zooms in on an individual with a neck brace on. The person is clearly dazed and waves an arm around outside of the car. This person is then placed on a stretcher and wheeled to an ambulance before being rushed to hospital.

The filmer goes to to film firemen cutting into the other side of the car in order to extricate another individual. The filmer captures this person's face being wheeled into the ambulance.

The ambulance is then filmed driving off down the highway.

The other vehicle involved in the smash, a white pickup truck, is filmed on the side of the road with major damages to the front driver side.


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